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In their little home hovering in the sky, Jack and Victoria sleep together, shower together and kiss several times, sometimes passionately. Impossible IIthe guy has shown some serious acting chops in many of these blockbusters, especially a more demanding role like the one in Minority Report. The others are all killed off camera. Between that and an engaging score from the masterful collaboration of M83, Anthony Gonzalez and Joseph Trapanese for a TRON meets Inception vibeKosinski just seems to have all the right pieces in place to create an exceptional piece of sci-fi. Will Parents Like It?

Also, the PG rating is on target, which makes this movie ok for kids 13 and older.

Visually stunning 'Oblivion' celebrates sci-fi's greatest hits

The content for the film embraces the rating pretty firmly. Put my Donation on the Recognition Wall. Meanwhile, any ruins of NYC that Harper stumbles upon are eerily realistic. How to Catch a Cheating Partner October 14, Jack comes across a crash site wherein there are some unconscious survivors.

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