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There he learns that his target has joined an 'elite group' unoriginally dubbed as the "werewolves". In this regard the movie works and it has some quite exciting action in the process. They made a forth one??? Bill Nunn is on hand as another undercover agent who teams up with Williams for the final showdown. Whoever played the villian obviously can't act to save his life, though I guess he wasn't handed much of a character in the first place.

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Karl Thomasson The Treatster has to infiltrate Again!

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Like they would do that in reality? One important point is the one liners I only want to plea to movie-maker's to stop making sequels to make money and instead think up new ideas, ok. Once he gets there, he meets up with another old buddy of his, conviently, who gives him the scoop of what's going on. Well I guess I give this movie some credit since how the acting isn't so bad I wish Berenger keep the role as he was real at least.

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