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With alacrity, she stripped herself of boots and socks, exposing her feet to the cool air. Awe pervaded her senses when he rubbed his arms and skated his hands over his chest. But, he couldn't explain raising his arms to grasp her shoulders and pull her closer, nor could he give reason for the immense heat that flooded his body. She barely had time to register his nearness before his lips were upon hers. Auron stared intently at the woman before him, bruised, red lips and clinging, wet clothes, and then glanced down at himself, noticing every nuance of his person. She knew what Yuna meant; Kimhari was somewhere doing a Ronso thing while Wakka and Lulu… well, who knew where those two went off. Rikku — Kachima — Final Fantasy.

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Rikku - Juicy Peach.

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Rikku had never seen anything so beautiful: Drawing Fingering Hand Holding. Her frilly shorts and belted shirt scratched her flesh to such a degree and it became uncomfortable to be clothed. Auron could sense someone observing him, it was part of the job, knowing when and what to expect. More topics from this board

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