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I roll the other's nipple between my thumb and forefinger, making them hard and stand up like large diamonds. Setting her hips down again, I replace my tongue with a finger and take the opportunity to move back up to kiss her. I run my tongue over her sensitive peaks once before sucking them into my mouth, causing Mom to moan loudly. In between her breaths, I faintly hear. Chuck came in not long after and made his way to the kitchen where Jake and I sat close together near my side of the table over our food, engaged in a well acted conversation about how sick he had been earlier.

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Straightening up, I turn around.

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She's slippery and wet now and she feels amazing moving against me. His breathing was labored, and I assumed he must be tortured by the anticipation, but he waited like a good boy. I was really lonely. Every thrust I make is met with gasps and grunts from under me. I doze off and when I come too again, I glance at my watch and see that it's 6: My way of expressing my love for my beautiful Mom. Please no more teeth.

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my tounge fit halfway up my moms asshole
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my tounge fit halfway up my moms asshole
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