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I don't believe you've been properly introduced to Lindsay and Meagan. I couldn't handle her going at my ass like that, spreading my cheeks with her hands, her tongue fully extended flickin up and down my hole. Your pussy lips are quite red and swollen and you're dripping. He would pull my ass apart and slide his finger past my pussy just to tease me. I plunged my tongue into Lindsay's pussy with full force. I couldn't take her tongue in my slit, and I began to buck back and forth moaning loudly, not caring anymore about the stupid consequences.

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I was totally in the dark and I was getting aroused just thinking about what might be in store for me.

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It was not that bad, tasted like pussy. It's like a good hard spanking connects all my sexual points, my nipples get hard like little pencil erasers, my pussy juice starts dripping down my inner thighs, and my cute little asshole quivers. Your pussy lips are quite red and swollen and you're dripping. My asshole stretched to accommodate his thick cock. Tags Portal Chat Forum.

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